OGara Graphics


Having various stationery items professionally designed and printed is a great way to add to your company's image. On our other pages, we discuss the benefits of having OGara Graphics design your company logo and business cards. Stationery (meaning really anything which can be printed with your company's name on it) should be designed consistently with the rest of your company so your brand is always re-inforced in the minds of those you do business with.

Your business probably uses envelopes, letterhead, invoices, and other printed items on a daily basis. Sometimes these are printed in advance in large quantities, other times they are files you keep on your computer as templates which you print as needed. Either way, they should be designed in a way that portrays professionalism to the clients who see these pieces.

OGara Graphics can design many different printed pieces, customized to your specific needs and your budget. We can take care of the entire process, including getting printing quotes and following up with printing companies if you will need these items professionally produced.

Examples of our work

Stationery Design - Shotgun Lounge

Stationery Design - S.I.T.I.
Stationery Design - Dream House
Stationery Design - DSM Travel
Stationery Design - wedding invitation