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Business Cards

One of the first things a new business needs, after a company logo, is a business card design. Whether your company has multiple sales reps or you're more of a one-person show, you can benefit from printing business cards.

Many people, especially small business owners on a budget, turn to do-it-yourself page layout programs or a cheap online business card printing company. Both options will usually use pre-designed templates for your cards. Unfortunately, the result is often a generic or unprofessional look which gives your potential clients the wrong impression about your company. Even if you find a good-looking template to use as your card design, it is still a design that can be used by anyone. If your card looks just like ones used by every other business, your company is not standing out from the crowd.

A well-designed set of business cards doesn't have to cost a lot of money; in fact, some of the best card designs cost the least to print. Either way, business cards are a good investment, since you can use them as main way of getting your name into the hands of potential clients. OGara Graphics can discuss many different options with you so you end up with the right card for your business.

Examples of our work

Business Card - Smart Industries

Business Card - Shotgun Lounge
Business Card - DownSouth BBQ
Business Card - Smoking Guns Studio
Business Card - Dream House