OGara Graphics


As we discussed in the Photography section, there are many ways to use images in your design project. Sometimes a project needs something other than a photo; maybe a drawing, painting, or cartoon-like image works better. OGara Graphics can handle these situations.

Most of our designers not only have degrees and experience in Graphic Design, they have degrees in Visual Arts as well, which means they can create artwork like drawings and paintings when a project could benefit from these styles. Whether your company produces instructional material or just likes a stylized look, illustrations can add a lot to your designs. They work especially well in brochures or newsletters.

The cost of an illustration is similar to a logo design; it can be quick and simple or very complex (which can be a little more expensive). Of course, if you have examples of the style of art you are looking for, that will help our artists create what you want on the first try (instead of creating multiple designs), which will in turn save you time and money.

Examples of our work

Illustration - article on Korean War

Illustration - Frank Lloyd Wright
Illustration - Dinosaur Game
Illustration - Careers