OGara Graphics


If your company publishes a magazine, you may already have a graphic designer on your staff. However, many companies only send out magazines 3 or 4 times per year, or have thought about sending out short newsletters periodically. OGara Graphics can be a big help in these situations.

We can work with you through the whole process, from the initial designs to working with printing companies (to have the project produced). The initial cost to design a newsletter, magazine, or any other printed layout varies depending on the level of detail you need and the number of pages being produced. However, once we've gone through the work of designing that first layout theme, future newsletters can usually be based off this style, which results in cheaper and faster editions of the newsletters in the future.

From simple to complex, black & white to full color, OGara Graphics has designed for newsletters and magazine layouts in a variety of styles. And as always, we can discuss many options which will work for your budget and still give you a high-quality design.

Examples of our work

Page Layout - Fender Guitars

Page Layout - Fitness Magazine
Booklet Design - artist Caspar Friedrich
Magazine Layout - Outdoor Spas
Newsletter Design - Neighborhood Association