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Posters and banners are a great way to catch the attention of a potential client and provide basic information. A poster can be placed in multiple locations to advertise your business or event, while banners are typically used in one location, like a trade show or store display. Posters can be similar to a flyer design, while banners vary greatly in size, depending on the type/amount of information you want to include.

We can work with you through the whole process of designing your poster or banner, from the initial designs to working with printing companies (to have the project produced). The initial design of a poster or banner is relatively inexpensive, and there are many options for sizes and materials used when having them produced.

From simple to complex, black & white to full color, OGara Graphics has designed for a variety of poster and banner styles. And as always, we can discuss many options which will work for your budget and still give you a high-quality design.

Examples of our work

Poster Design - Smart Industries

Poster Design - GIO Clothing
Poster Design - Max Power the Band
Poster Design - Smart Industries
Poster Design - Art Center Fun Run