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Photography is often involved in graphic design projects such as brochures, newsletter layouts, web design and more. When you need to include photography, you have a few options; take your own photos (or use photos you have already taken), use images from a stock photo company, hire a photographer to take new photos, or have an illustrator create original art (instead of using photos).

The option you choose will depend on your project and your budget, but whatever you choose, OGara Graphics can work with you. While we do not currently offer all of the services some professional photographers can (like aerial photos or wedding photography), we are still equipped to take the photos you need for your specific project. If it happens to be a type of photo we can't get, (some specific location in a foreign country, for example) we can still work with stock photo agencies or freelance photographers to get the images you want. And of course, we are always willing to incorporate photos you already own into new design projects.

OGara Graphics also provides photo editiing services, like re-touching images or restoring old photos. We can work our magic with programs like Photoshop to create images the way you want. We can also turn your regular photo prints into digital photos so you can add them to your computer's photo albums and share them more easily.

Examples of our work

Photography - editing an original photo

Photo editing with celebrities
Photography - Smart Industries